The Finish Line
was Just the Start

A Marathon Runner's Memoir of Relentlessness, Resilience & Renewal


The Finish Line was Just the Start

The Book

Behind every dope woman is one hell of a story.  From the highly-decorated marathon runner, who races in a strand of pearls and red lipstick, an inspiring, motivating and amazingly candid story displaying full transparency of how she got there, what she encountered along the way and who she became in the process.

In 2004, there was an accident that changed the trajectory of Crystal Hadnott’s life.  It would be the fork in the road of her life’s journey that lead her into a direction that would give birth to her passion and mold her purpose along with some other miraculous experiences mixed with life altering hardships.

But there was a time when Crystal’s body attacked her with Graves' Disease and her mental was consumed with depression.  The naysayers thought that she should just quit the sport.  In 2016, she was struggling harder than any other point in her life with the grief of her mother, the grief of her child, the grief of the body she once knew, the grief of her business, with her running career at a crossroad.  At this crossroad, she also found her awakening and things begin to change—the universe begin to flow in her direction and she found her way to a new journey of alignment and atonement.

This candid reflection on a remarkable birth into purpose through tragedy will take readers inside the life of a marathon runner and inside the mind of an athlete who willed herself to perform at the highest levels of competition in her physical, mental and spiritual life.

We may not all be marathoners, but we are all running this race called life.

Athlete. Author. Speaker. Advocate.

The Author

Among her many accomplishments since taking her fate in her own hands, Crystal Hadnott has run over 100 full and half marathons since October 2006 and on several different occasions, she has also run a 202-mile relay race.  In addition, she is known to bike 150 miles in the MS-150 in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis.

As a health and wellness expert, she is a highly-sought professional speaker and a renowned media personality.

Crystal and her amazing journey has been featured in the best-seller’s People of Memorial Park book, EBONY magazine as well as several other noted magazines and newspapers.  In additional, she has seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN’s Headline News. 

As an authority on fitness and strategic partnerships, she authored several publications. She is the author of "The Finish Line was Just the Start." She has also authored a journal, Running Pretty, which is a compliment to her blog, "Running Pretty." The highly anticipated "Behind the Pretty" along with "Haditudes: Road-Tested Principles for a High-Performance Business & Life" are set to release in 2018.


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